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Space & Connectivity

Our customers need to connect on the move ... Everywhere

This was a tough one

There is a common thread among the many customer missions we support that includes a combination of high performance connectivity, security and resilience. This common thread comes with common challenges of legacy interfaces and dated security approaches which inhibit progress that really moves the needle for the mission. We are continually evaluating new technology and methods for implementation that can help our customers break down walls, identify real solutions, and implement in a way that aligns with security policy and pace of mission. The solutions we develop also have to be scalable and flexible to adjust with inevitable changes to the mission execution plan.

Space-X Launch

The answer was there all along

In the spirit of helping our customers pull the thread further, we are investing in what we call the Secure Edge Connectivity Innovation Network (SECIN) which is comprised of secure commercial SATCOM (e.g. Starlink) coupled with the latest in secure end-to-end routing, with particular focus on Secure Vector Routing (SVR). The SECIN provides our customers a pre-positioned network platform and lab environment delivered as managed service. As subscribers to the SECIN, our customers can test/stress edge applications and services at scale in live network environment with multiple flavors of connectivity including SATCOM, terrestrial and 5G/LTE. Beyond SVR, our customers have the ability to prove out mission-specific, layered security options such as Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) and compare with legacy approaches. The resulting test and monitoring data is delivered in consumable packages/views that have real data utility to support tactical, operational, and strategic decision making.

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